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A Soul Exposed

A Soul Exposed is a compilation of poems that come from the heart and mind of a curious man looking out at the world that surrounds him. Poems of Love, Loneliness, Lust, Sex, Birth, Abortion, Betrayal, Hatred, War, Peace, Politics, Religion, Doubt, Belief, Hope, Humanity, Evolution, Nature, Human Nature, Space, Time, History, Life, Death, After-Life, Dreams, Drugs, Alcohol, Society, Civilisation, Terrorism, Science, The Universe, Mankind, Children, Childhood, Education, Knowledge, Confusion, Depression, Friendship, Guilt, Happiness, Sorrow, Self-examination, & Outer-examination….

Poems that capture an ‘Extended’ moment’s thought in the mind of the Poet! Thoughts that come from the Poet’s state of mind at the time of the Poem’s birth. The Poet’s mind being inspired by his personal experiences on the day, and experiences of the past! Poems made up of words that are built out of letters that come from his educated mind. But more than that, words that come from built up emotions in his living beating heart. When the heart and mind come together and release the Poet’s inner feelings, the Poet’s Soul becomes visible for all to see….

But the Poet’s Soul is constantly changing to suit the world that surrounds it! So although you get to see the Soul of the Poet, the Poet’s Soul will still remain as much of a mystery to you as it is to himself….


Jason Hickey   


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