. . .

My passions in Life,

Are Life’s simple beauties!

Like the scent of a rose,

The sound of the ocean,

The touch of a raindrop,

On a hot sticky day!

Or the sight of the sun,

As it sinks into the horizon!

My peace in Life,

Is found under a starry sky,

Or up high on a mountain!

My beliefs in Life,

Are of happiness,

And of pain!

And my Joy in Life,

Is in each new breath!

. . .

Flight of the Bird


I see a bird in the sky,

I watch as it flies,

So graceful and free as it moves!


Wind beneath it’s wings,

It’s bird song it does sing,

It sings without a care in the world!


Gravity doesn’t hold it down,

The bird is not Earthbound,

Like an angel it’s wings raise it up!


Floating through the sky,

Not counting time tick by,

Just flying to wherever it’s heading!


It moves along with such ease,

As it glides on the breeze,

I watch as it disappears out of sight!

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