. . .

Eye to eye,

Skin against skin,

Lip to lip,

The sex session begins!

Slow penetration,

Her insides start to lubricate,

She releases her juices,

He picks up rhythm and pace!

His eyes wide open,

Hers softly closed,

Now deep penetration,

Her juice still flows!

She hasn’t reached her climax,

But her insides are moist,

He is rock solid,

Stiff as a post!

Slippery in,

Slippery out,

He keeps on going,

He looks at her mouth!

She pants for air,

He moans and groans,

He watches her breasts bounce,

Faster and faster he goes!

She screams his name,

Her eyes open wide,

She can feel him throbbing,

Deep in her insides!

Her nails claw his back,

His hands grab her wrists,

He digs himself deeper,

Just in case this is it!

Her insides quiver,

As he starts to come,

Both sigh a relief,

As they both become numb!

He falls down on her,

She clings onto him,

Naked bodies combined,

Sweaty skin against skin!

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