Wicklow Mountains

My Hills and Valleys

. . .

Oh my Dublin & Wicklow mountains,

The place of my release,

When my mind is filled with torment,

That’s where my soul finds peace!

Away from all the bullshit,

Above all those below,

The place with a hundred shades of green,

That’s where I like to go!

My hills are steeped with history,

My hills are full of grace,

My hills give me tranquillity,

There is no better place!

When I sit on my mountain tops,

And I look across Dublin city,

I think of all the folk down there,

For them I just have pity!

Because while they’re stuck in their routine,

In the concrete jungle that dwells below,

These hills are something they can see,

But something they just don’t know!

The many hills and valleys,

The forests and hidden lakes,

The sound of silence in the air,

Inside me, something wakes!

My primitive side, it comes alive,

I am filled with total appreciation,

Up here in this thin mountain air,

This world just seems amazing!

Oh my Dublin & Wicklow mountains,

The place my soul finds peace,

As long as I have air in my lungs,

My visits will never cease!

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