Dublin City Life


All the human cattle wait for the little green man to guide them across the road,
All the free spirits on wheels are stopped on their tracks by the colour of a rose,
Centuries’ old buildings stand shoulder to shoulder with modern architecture,
Statues of past heroes stand quietly as human traffic rages by!
Faces behind windscreens enviously watch as pedestrians pass them by,
Resting customers in Cafe’s prepare themselves for their rejoining of the system,
Road sweeping machines roll along the busy streets sucking up the day’s dirt,
Commuters come and go on the ‘behind schedule’ public transport!
Men and women with no place to call home, sit in doorways as their lives tick by,
People with clinking change in their pockets steadily pass by, looking up to the sky,
Urban pigeons come down from the ‘Big Blue’ playing chicken with oncoming cars,
Tomcats remain unseen in shady alleyways contemplating making a dash!
A group of men in high visibility vests stand around a gaping hole in the ground,
Short skirted women walk past them with smiles on their pretty faces,
Observant male eyes follow their movements from the upper-deck of buses,
The driver of the bus flicks his cigarette butt out the window as passengers crave!
The streets of Dublin are full with people of all different colours and races,
Tourists take photos of all the things the ‘Dubs’ take for granted, Gardai patrol the streets on foot, on horseback, and in the comfort of their big cars,
Crooks duck and dive as they make their own bargains in this expensive town!
Children cling onto their parents’ hands desperately trying not to get separated,
Couples stroll through the rushing crowds without a care in the world,
People stand beside the City’s landmarks constantly checking their watches,
Taxis cram the ranks with their metres eagerly waiting to run a rampage!
Motorbike couriers run the gauntlet like ‘Extras’ out of a Mad Max film,
Clampers roam the streets seeking out new cars to cripple,
Men in suits march through the crowds of ‘working class’ with money on their minds,
A loner stands holding a bible waiting for someone to notice him!
Buskers play popular tunes for entertainment and handouts,
Advertisements jump out of every bus stop and shop window,
Manikins keep warm with expensive designer label outfits teasing passers by,
Teenagers hang out in groups planning their next misadventure!
The city is alive,
The city is kicking,
This is Dublin City Life,
This is the centre of the Irish System!

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