Beneath the moon

Man Beneath The Moon


Amazing moon,

Floating across the sky,

Lighting up the Earth in night’s darkness,

Like a giant 60watt bulb hanging above my head,

Like a bubble of light floating through the air in a slow breeze!


Mysterious moon,

Holder of many of my memories,

Memories that fall idol in my constant mind,

Memories that get buried beneath the worries of daily Life,

Memories that awaken when I look up at the moon!


Familiar moon,

Doing what it’s always doing,

Orbiting this planet us inhabitants call Earth,

From down here we all look up dreaming of escaping the gravity that keeps us earthbound,

We all dream of walking on the moon just like Neil Armstrong dreamed of it!


Changing moon,

So constant and predictable,

Full-moon to banana-moon, cycle after cycle,

In almost prefect timing with the months of man made years,

Circling the Earth as it circles the sun since long before time was invented!


Mystical moon,

God to the un-Godly,

Siren of Werewolves and Vampires,

Pagan light for sacrifices of lamb, chicken, and once upon a time Human species,

Hollywood mystics send Elliot and E.T. silhouetting across the moon on a mag-wheeled BMX!


Magical moon,

Full, half, or quarter,

In a clear sky, or a cloudy sky,

Optically BIG or small, distant or close,

Peeping above a rooftop with a chimney, or hanging above a distant mountain!


Ordinary moon,

Smiling down on me,

Just doing what it’s supposed to be doing,

Whether it’s keeping me company, or assisting me in romancing a lady,

Or shining down on two random lovers as they walk along a beach looking at the moon reflect off the sea!


Man under the moon,

Occasionally looking up,

But every time appreciating the new view,

Every sighting seems so different in a familiar way,

Whether in love, in loneliness, or in harmony, the moon is always there!


Moon above the man,

Or man beneath the moon,

One thing is for certain, the moon will be here soon,

Just doing what it’s supposed to be doing!

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