By my side

By My Side


Cold winter nights,

She keeps me warm,

Her body waits beneath the sheets,

Like a warm fire she heats my blood,

Her skin against mine,

A moment in time,

For now she keeps me warm!


In the morning when I wake,

Her hand I will take,

I will take it as I land a kiss on her lips,

A hand on her hip,

Two happy hands expressing how I feel,

To her that keeps me warm through the night!


As snow falls from the sky,

Painting the Earth in that beautiful white,

In my night I have her to keep me warm,

Sheltered from the storm,

Sheltered as we cozy up together!


Away from winters weather,

Behind clear panes of glass,

Tucked up together under the duvet,

Tick-tock, tick-tock time does pass!


She is my safe lair,

I’m her teddy bear,

At night time our bodies lay down together!


Cold winter nights,

With her by my side!


By my side she lies down with me!



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