Mr. Universe

Mr. Universe

* * *

Hey there Mr. Universe,

What’s the story with you?

What’s the story with all your other stars!

And all your planets too!

Is there Life beyond Earth?

Is there Life far out beyond Mars?

Am I looking at a Lifeless place?

When I look up at the stars!

Hey there Mr. Universe,

Where did you come from?

Men on this little part of you,

They say you came from the BIG BANG!

But if you came from the bang!

Where did the bang come from?

Many times men have been right about things,

But on this matter I think that they are wrong!

Hey there Mr. Universe,

You are amazing beyond anything else!

You are even far more amazing,

Than this man that I call myself!

When I look up as far as my naked eye can see,

When I see Sirius many light years away!

When I think of all the life that the Sun gives to Earth,

I wonder does Sirius not burn the same life flame!

Hey there Mr. Universe,

I am such a little tiny part of you!

So tiny, but yet I am so big inside!

I am huge, because I’m connected to you!

When I look at stars that are billions of miles away,

Looking at them they are so close to me!

Way up in the sky so far out of reach,

But yet they are so easy to see!

Hey there Mr. Universe,

This Earth is such a small part of you!

But this blue and green ball, it is so full of Life,

Are there other planets that also spawn Life too!

The Awesome size of space and further!

Far beyond any telescope can see!

What makes man think it all belongs to him?

It is so possible that other Life may well be!

Hey there Mr. Universe,

What’s the story with you?

Us men try to constantly figure you out,

We forget that we are just a small part of you!

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