I Love You

I Love You

If you have somebody,

To say to ‘I love you’!

If there is somebody,

Then just say ‘I love you’!

Three words oh so simple,

But yet sometimes so hard!

Sometimes it seems much simpler,

Just to say nothing at all!

If you have somebody to listen,

A girlfriend, a boyfriend, a husband or a wife,

A sister or brother, a father or a mother,

A son or daughter, or a friend in your life!

If you have a niece or a nephew,

If you have an uncle or an aunt,

A cousin, a granddad or grandmother,

A past lover or a past friend!

If you have someone to talk to,

If you have someone who cares!

If you have someone to share things with,

If you have someone who shares!

Then say these three words so simple,

Three words can brighten any day!

Three words is all it takes,

I love you!  Is so easy to say!

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