Before my life even got started,

Before I took my first breath on this Earth!

I grew in the warm womb of my Mother,

And through her pain she gave me the gift of birth!


My Mother she always watched over me,

She protected me as best as she could!

And as I am now sitting here typing her praises,

This is testimony that the job she did was good!


My Mother she is one in a million,

But a million others couldn’t even compete!

Because my Mother is just so damned perfect,

That no other Mother could ever be so complete!


My Mother she is small and she’s fragile,

But inside she is BIG and she’s Strong!

My Mother is one of my biggest heroes,

Because she never did me any wrongs!


My Mother is the place that I came from,

I am a part of her, and a part of my Da!

I am made of them, as well as all that they taught me,

But an equal part of myself, I also am!


My Mother brought me into this strange world,

She stood by me as I took it all in!

So much I have to be grateful to her for,

I just wouldn’t know where to begin!


My Mother, I think she must be an Angel,

That’s why her Mother called her Angela!

My Mother I do love and adore her,

I think I am my Mother’s number one fan!


My Mother, I have some words to say to you,

“I Love You, just because you are who You are!

My Mother I want you to know how much I Love You,

That is why I now give you your own star!”


(This deed claims ownership of the star ‘Sirius’

to Angela Gaffney – Hickey.  Number One Mum!)


Serious Sirius Facts:


Sirius is the brightest star in the winter sky

Distance from Earth: 8.6 Light years – 51.6 Trillion miles

20 times brighter than the star we call our sun

Found in the constellation Canis Major (the large dog)

Canis Major stands guard at Orion’s left in the night sky

Sirius: AKA The Dog Star, Alpha Canis Majoris, Angela’s Star

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