Shadow of the tree

Shadow of the tree


I walked through the gates and into the garden,

Jesus and Mary they were both standing there,

I walked on up past the smiling serpent,

I found myself a nice wooden garden chair!


I sat there and I listened to Mother and child speaking,

I heard Jesus talk about all of his mortal pain!

His mother whispered in the ear of her dear son,

She said ‘To me, you are more than just a famous name!’


Jesus looked into the eyes of his loving Mother,

He smiled as he gently grasped her warm hand!

The weight of the world left his shoulders,

For that moment, I could see he was feeling just grand!


The serpent appeared and he sat down beside me,

I tried to ignore him, but he put his head in my way!

I politely asked him to get out of my face,

He replied ‘Not until you hear what I have to say!”


I looked past him to where Mother and child were still sitting,

They slowly stood up and walked over to a giant oak tree!

My eyes followed their every movement,

The serpent hissed, and said ‘Will you listen to me?’


I stood up to walk away and ignore him,

He snapped and shouted ‘Why won’t you hear my side?’

I sat back down on the wooden garden chair,

And I said ‘Ok, I will give you a quick five!’


As he spoke to me, he only talked about hatred,

While he was speaking, my eyes watched Mother and child!

The serpent rambled on about how he had been hard done by,

He said ‘Respect, it is so hard to find!’


I stood up, and I said ‘Listen, I have to go now!’

I said ‘I respect you, but I don’t like your ideas!’

I started walking to the tree where Jesus and Mary were now standing,

As I walked away, I was followed by the serpent’s violent pleas!


As I walked away I could hear the angry serpent hissing,

He screamed out ‘Do you think that you can ignore me?’

It was then that Mother and child called over,

“Come both of you, and join us in the shadow of the tree!”

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