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Far out in the deep darkness of space a meteoroid the size of a Transit van races through the cold vastness at 150,000 mph.  A tail of dust trails behind it like a giant tadpole heading toward a distant blue and green planet.  Travelling at such great speed the planet grows bigger and bigger as the meteoroid travels on its course.  At forty one miles per second as it passes the moon it is destined to collide with the Earth in 97 minutes.  Too small to be noticed by anyone on the planet below it carries on along its path unnoticed by man or beast.  The minutes pass and the meteor enters the Earth’s atmosphere slowing down slightly as it goes through the different layers.  It starts to glow as it enters the Mesosphere and drops toward Earth over Europe.


Dublin – Ireland – 04.45pm

On the main street in Dublin City Centre ‘O’Connell Street’ the street is full with thousands of people.  The city street is a long wide double road street with old Victorian buildings and modern architecture standing side by side on either side of the roads with a long walkway in between the two roads.  The walkway is scattered with statues of Irish heroes and lines of tidy trees and fashionable lampposts.  Up the North end of the street stands a stainless steel spire ‘121 meters high, 3 metres at the base, narrowing to 15cm at the top’.  Like a giant pin sticking out of the ground pointing up to the heavens.  Tourists walk along taking photos of this unusual sight, while other tourists buy memorabilia to bring back to their native lands.  The Irish amongst them outnumber the tourists 50/01.  They plod along on their routines of work, travel, shopping, some enjoying the craic in the many pubs the city has to offer, and some doing a bit of sightseeing themselves.

The street is busy with buses, taxis, trams, and other vehicles stopping and starting as traffic lights permit.  Commuters coming and going, standing and waiting; People walking, running, sitting on available resting places.  Mothers with their children, teenagers dressed to impress, couples walking slow through the madness and mayhem of such a busy street.  The noise of feet walking, motors revving and ticking over, thousands of voices hushed by the overlying noise of the city;

Suddenly there is almost silence.  People stop and stare up to the sky.  An eerie silence fills the air.  Vehicles stop.  Everybody seems frozen with fear as a bright light comes rushing down from the sky.


The meteor hits the base of the Spire.  People start screaming and running in panic as the Spire starts to topple.  It falls southward.  All 121 metres of it hits the ground with a bang almost equal to the sound of the meteor that struck and sent it on its journey downward.  It lands in the centre of the walkway perfectly in line down the centre.  Dust rises up from the ground.  Pavement smashed beneath the giant pin.  People stop running; calmness sets upon them as they look at the fallen landmark.  There is a moment’s silence, followed by the hum of thousands of voices.


NASA Building-Texas-USA-10.45am

In a huge room full of computers and giant screens a thin nerdy looking man with grey hair, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Harry Potter spectacles stands up quickly with a look of surprise on his face.

‘My computer just picked up a meteor strike in Ireland!’ He shouts out with his arms waving in the air trying to get everyone’s attention.

A fat bald man in a bright yellow t-shirt and blue jeans next to him looks up at him ‘Are you sure?’

‘According to my computer, that’s affirmative!’ The nerd says as he points at his monitor.

A large group of men and women in casual clothing make their way over to have a look for themselves.  They are soon followed by white coats, and then the suits appear.  There’s a group of around thirty people trying to look at the monitor.  The nerd sits back down on his spinning chair to give more details.


Dublin – Ireland – 05.00pm

O’Connell Street is full of emergency vehicles.  Flashing blue lights all over the place, screaming sirens fill the dusty air.  Firemen, ambulance crews and police are all busy earning their days pay.  Pedestrians hustle by, with groups gathering in various points to see what’s going on!  Tourists are snapping photos and recording videos to bring home to remember their trip to Dublin.  You don’t get this footage on every holiday.

An attractive female Reporter wearing a bright red coat stands looking into a news camera with the fallen monument behind her ‘I’m here live on O’Connell Street where the Spire has just been struck by a meteor!’

Up the street at the base of the Spire a group of fire-fighters and police stand around a 30ft crater.  In the crater there’s a smokey red rock.  A big ‘Santa lookalike’ Fire Chief looks down at it ‘Now that’s what you call precision shooting!  The American’s would have trouble hitting as accurately as that with a missile!’

A tidy looking Police Sergeant looks at the Fire Chief ‘I tell you what, it’s a bloody miracle no-one was killed or injured!’

Fire Chief looks at the Police Sergeant ‘A bloody miracle is right!’

A handsome fit looking man, 5.9ft, average size, tidy dark brown hair, wearing leather shoes, brown slacks, a navy jacket and a pair of lightly tinted tin frame spectacles walks up to the Fire Chief;  The Fire Chief turns to him ‘Ah Professor Power, you’ve arrived.  Do you think the rock might be radioactive?’

‘You can call me Max.  Professor Power seems so informal.’ Max says as he puts a hand out to the Fire Chief.

They shake hands ‘Okay Max, should I evacuate this area?’

Max looks at him with a baffled expression on his face.  He looks down at the rock.  He looks down the street to the other end of the fallen Spire ‘This can’t be right!’ He thinks to himself.  He looks back at the rock sitting in the crater.

‘I’m not sure what we should do!  I’m a bit confused right now.’

The Fire Chief looks at the Police Sergeant.  Both men look at Max.  Max scratches his chin as he looks at the rock again.  Then he looks back at the Fire Chief ‘This isn’t right.  It shouldn’t be like this.’

The Fire Chief pats him on the back ‘At least no one was hurt or injured.’

‘That’s what’s wrong.  No one was hurt or injured.’ Max pauses ‘It shouldn’t be like this.’

‘You make it sound like that’s a bad thing.’

‘No, I don’t mean it like that.’ Max looks at the Fire Chief   ‘A meteor that size hitting the Earth at such great speed should have, there should have been an explosion.  This whole area should have been wiped out.’

‘Well then we should be counting our lucky stars.’ The Fire Chief laughs ‘Forgive the pun of falling stars.’

The Police Sergeant giggles ‘Falling stars, I get it.’

Max scratches his chin ‘This just doesn’t make any sense.’


The White House – Washington DC – USA

The President is woken up out of a deep sleep and escorted down to the Oval Office for a brief meeting.  In the office there are Military Men, Secret Service Men and NASA Representatives seated around the room.  The President sits behind his desk.  A NASA man explains to The President about the meteor strike in Ireland.

‘Well does someone want to get on the phone and find out what the hell is going on over there?’ The President snaps with sleepy eyes ‘Is that what you woke me up to tell me?  I was in the middle of a dream that I was John Wayne riding out on the range!’

All the men bow their heads in silence.  The NASA man looks up ‘I’m sorry for waking you this hour of the night Mr. President, it’s just that the meteor was about the size of a pick-up truck and it struck the centre of the Capital City.’

The President is angry ‘I don’t care if it was the size of a baseball field.  I was John ‘God damned’ Wayne’ and you woke me up to tell me this.  Send them our deepest condolences and offer them blankets and water, or first aid kits or something.  But don’t wake me up when I’m John ‘God damned’ Wayne.’

‘I’m sorry Mr. President’ The NASA man is nervous ‘But the reason we woke you is because there were no casualties.’

‘God damn it!  Then why the hell are you getting me out of my bed?’

‘Well Mr. President, a meteor that size should have wiped out the entire City Centre.’

The President rubs his sleepy eyes ‘Are you asking me to wipe out the City Centre?’ The President looks at a General ‘We can do that.’

The NASA man nods his head ‘No Mr. President, I’m just saying that there is something peculiar about this meteor strike.’

The President stands up ‘Okay – okay I get it.  We have an Embassy over there.  We have men in the Embassy.  Get them to look into the situation.  And when you know what the hell you are trying to tell me, and then get back in touch with me.’

The President points his finger at the NASA man ‘You take me off the range to tell me about a pick-up truck that fell from the sky.  If you do that again partner I’ll send your sorry ass to Alaska!’

The NASA man nods his head ‘Sorry Mr. President, I’ll find out more details and get back to you.’

The President storms out of the room with his Secret Service men cautiously tailing behind him.


Dublin – Ireland

On O’Connell Street the situation is a bit calmer.  Not so many people now.  The clean up job has begun.  Men in high visibility vests have replaced Ambulance crews and Fire Fighters.  There are still a large number of Police present to keep law and order.  At the bottom of the street beside O’Connell Bridge a group of teenage girls are talking to a male News Reporter.

‘We just looked up at the sky and saw it coming toward us.  Then it hit the spike and we all legged it!’ One of the girls tells him.

Her friend buts in ‘It frightened the shite out of us!’

Another girl squeezes forward ‘At least that bleedin spike, or spire, or whatever it’s meant to be is gone now!’

The Reporter looks at the camera ‘Well there you have it.  The spike is gone.’

Up at the base of the Spire Max stands beside the rock with a beeping machine in his hand.  The Fire Chief is standing beside him.  Max turns the machine off ‘Well it’s not radioactive.’

The Fire Chief smiles ‘That’s good to hear.’

Max comes up out of the crater.  The Fire Chief follows him ‘So what do we do now Max?’

‘Well, I’d like it moved out of here and back to my laboratory so I can give it a proper inspection.’

The Fire Chief nods his head ‘I’ll get it moved as soon as I can.’

Max scratches his chin ‘This just doesn’t make any sense.’

Max makes his way back to the laboratory.  The meteor arrives a short time later and is stored in a warehouse attached to the building.   Max and some of his white coated colleagues are standing around the rock.  It’s late now, getting close to midnight.

‘Okay everyone, off you go home now.  We’ll meet back here tomorrow morning and give this a full analysis.’ Max says, followed by a yawn.

His colleagues walk out of the warehouse, leaving Max alone with the space rock.  He walks over to it.  He looks at the rugged edges, rubs his hand along a ridge ‘So where did you come from?’  He rubs another ridge ‘I’ll figure you out.’

There’s a cracking noise.  Max steps back.  The noise gets louder.  Max notices a small crack forming in the side of the rock.  It slowly spreads in two directions ‘What’s going on here?’  The crack continues to grow forming an oval shape as it picks up speed spreading to the underbelly of the rock.  A huge chunk falls to the floor creating a mighty bang and a cloud of dust ‘Oh shit!’

As the dust slowly settles Max notices what looks like movement within the rock.  He steps back another couple of paces ‘Oh shit – oh shit – oh shit!’

He focuses is eyes, looking into the rock.  He can definitely see movement.  It’s a shady figure with arms and legs like a human being.  Max is trembling.  The dust is still clearing.  The figure starts to move forward coming out of the rock.  Max moves back another couple of paces.  He bumps into a wall ‘Oh this is not good!’

The figure comes out of the rock.  The dust settles.  Max’s jaw drops and his eyes open wide as he says ‘Who are you?’

Standing in front of him is a tall slim, but shapely woman wearing a light knee length white dress.  She has long shoulder length wavy golden/blonde hair.  She looks like an angel.  A beautiful sexy angel at that; She steps forward.  Max is frozen.  Half with fear, and half in awe at the woman that is getting closer to him.  She smiles at him.  Her bright blue eyes light up as she smiles.  Her rose red lips slightly part as she says ‘You can call me Christina.’

Max’s eyes look her up and down.  His fear turns into a feeling of almost instant love.  He shakes his head ‘Snap out of if Max’ He tells himself ‘She just came out of that meteor.  She’s an alien.  She’s going to kill you!’

She walks up to him.  She smells like a bed of flowers.  She smiles again.  Max stands gobsmacked as he looks at her ‘Snap out of it Max’ He tells himself again ‘Either run for your life, or say something to her.’

His lips move ‘Wow!  You are really beautiful.’

She is standing up close to him.  She smiles again.  He points at the rock ‘Did you just come out of the meteor?’

‘Is that what you saw happening?’ She asks him in a soft sweet, but yet sexy voice.

Max looks at her.  The fluorescent lights making her air glow.  The light shining through the thin material of her dress; the shape of her body beneath it.  He nods his head ‘Yes.’

‘Well if that’s what you saw, then I suppose that’s what happened.’

Max is totally confused.  His scientific mind can’t make sense of what’s going on.  His human male hormones are making him even more confused.

Christina looks him in the eyes ‘So what do I call you?’

‘I’m a human.  An Earthling!’ Max mumbles.

Christina giggles ‘So should I call you Earth-human?’

‘Oh my name!  I’m Max.  Max Power.  Professor Maxwell Power.’ Max mumbles again.

Christina smiles at him ‘So should I call you all those names, or can I just call you Max?’

Max is feeling a bit dizzy.  He sits down on the floor ‘Yes Max.’

Christina kneels down beside him ‘Hi Max.’

Max looks at her ‘Where did you come from?’

‘I came from the rock.’

‘No, I mean where did you come from?  Where did the rock come from?’ Max asks with total curiosity.

‘That’s not important yet Max.  What is important is I need you to alert the media that I am here.’

Max stands up and looks her up and down again.  He thinks he must be losing his mind.  This can’t be happening.  He puts his hand out and touches the skin on her arm.  Soft warm skin.  She looks at him.

‘You’re not imagining this Max.  I am real.  You are not dreaming.  Can you alert the media for me?’ She asked in that soft sexy voice.

‘Alert the media.  When people find out you came out of the meteor, it won’t only be the media that are interested in you.’  He looks her up and down again ‘Never mind the media, I want to know what’s going on here?’

Max turns away from Christina.  He paces around in a circle talking out loud to himself ‘This doesn’t make any sense.  This is like a lame story for a low budget movie.  A meteor crashes to Earth without causing catastrophic damage, and then a beautiful woman comes out of the meteor.’ He looks at Christina.

She smiles ‘Thanks Max.’

‘This just doesn’t make any sense.’

Christina gently puts a hand on his shoulder ‘Stop thinking so hard Max.  You’ll understand everything soon enough.  Maybe you should lie down and rest for a while!’

Max steps away from her ‘Sleep.  Sleep.  It feels like I am asleep.  This feels like a weird dream I used to have when I was a child.’

Christina reaches out and rubs his shoulder again ‘Well Max, maybe your dreams were preparing you for this moment.’

Max looks at Christina ‘I need a drink.’

Cristina takes his hand ‘Come on, I’ll escort you to the bar.’

Max hesitates for a moment.  Then he takes her hand and together they walk out of the warehouse.


In Dublin City Centre, The Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern is sitting behind his desk in his messy office.  He has a pint of Guinness on his desk, a cigar in one hand, and a phone in his other hand.

‘Eh, well you can assure your President that I’ll let him know what our team of scientists discover.’

Bertie hangs up the phone.  He takes a puff of his cigar.  Then he picks up the pint of Guinness and swallows a couple of throats full.


Max and Christina are sitting at a table in a small cosy little pub.  The pub is old, seats are well worn, tables have scratches and names engraved, the walls are covered with old advertising memorabilia, old farming equipment, chamber pots, guns and kitchen wares hang from hooks in the ceiling.  There aren’t many people in the pub.  There are a couple of old men sitting at the bar, reminiscing times gone by when they sat in the very same seats in their youth, early adulthood, and through the years up to this day.  Scattered around the alcoves of the pub, couples hide in the shadows whispering and touching, planning their next sexual encounter.  A group of lads sit at a table in between the bar and the toilets, quick and easy access to both.  Max and Christina sit in their little alcove on either side of the table.  Max sits on a wooden stool.  Christina is a on a comfortable sofa.

‘So are you going to tell where you came from?’ Max asks with curious anxiety.

Christina’s eye brows raise and she smiles ‘Well the answer to that is a bit complicated.’

‘Complicated!  You don’t say!  Try me.  I’m a scientist.’ Max says as he picks up a pint of lager.

‘Okay.  I don’t really come from anywhere.  I’ve always been here.’

Max takes a slow appreciative sip of his cold drink.  He puts the glass down on the table gently ‘When you say you’ve always been here, do you mean Earth?’

Christina as no drink in front of her.  She rests her elbows on the table and clasps her hands ‘No.  When I say I’ve always been here, I mean the Universe.’

Max sarcastically grins ‘Well that narrows it down a bit.’

Christina smiles at him ‘Max, you are asking the wrong questions.’

‘What question should I be asking you?’

‘You should be asking me what I am doing here.’

‘Okay, what are you doing here?’

Christina stands up.  She walks around to Max.  He looks up to her.  His eyes are drawn back down to her breast area.  He can see the points of her nipples through the light dress ‘Stay focused Max’ He tells himself.  He looks up to her eyes.

‘I’ll tell you what I am doing here when you arrange a meeting with the media.’  Christina replies softly.  Then she turns and starts walking away.

‘Where are you going?’

Christina stops and looks back at him ‘I’ll be back when you arrange the meeting.’

‘But how will I get in touch with you?’ Max asks in confusion.

Christina looks at him.  Without lip movement Max hears her say ‘I’ll be in touch with you.’

Max is puzzled ‘How did you do that?  Did you just use telepathy?’

Christina smiles ‘I’ll talk to you soon Max’ then she turns and walks away.  Max looks at her perfect buns move beneath the light dress.  He is temporarily hypnotized.  She walks out the door.  Max jumps onto his feet and rushes toward the door.  He pushes the door open and steps out onto the dark street.  The street is empty.  He steps onto the road double checking to his left and his right.

‘This doesn’t make any sense.’


The Earth keeps turning.  Daylight returns to the island of Eire.  Outside the American Embassy in Dublin two men in dark suits get into a big black 4×4 with tinted windows.


Back at the laboratory warehouse Max is standing beside the rock.  He takes out his phone and dials a number ‘How are you Sarah?  I need you to do me a favour.  I need you to set up a Press Conference for me.’

He listens for a moment.  Then he hangs up the phone and sits on the floor staring blankly at the rock.  He lies back on the floor and closes his eyes.


A few miles away Cristina sits on a bench in a children’s playground.  Children run and climb and swing carelessly in morning sunshine.  Parents stand and sit watching and chatting.  Christina sits quietly smiling as she watches the children run wild without a care in the world.


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