The Eighth Wonder

The Eighth Wonder


Never mind the great pyramids of Giza,

They are amazing, but they do not live!

They may be fascinating to look at,

But really there is nothing they can give!


Forget about the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus in Egypt,

It may have been a widow’s gift to her dead man!

But gifts should be given to the living,

And they shouldn’t be made from the sweat and blood of another man!


The hanging gardens of Babylon weren’t such a big deal,

Nice to look at, and good to remind ones wife of her home!

But the earth has pretty spectacular natural gardens,

It’s just a pity that man’s destroying the whole globe!


A big WOW for the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus!

It is a monument dedicated to the Goddess of Nature!

But just like it lies now in ruins,

The planet doesn’t seem to have much of a future!


The statue of Zeus at Olympia may have been quite amazing,

So what! If it was made of ivory and gold!

What does it really matter about material things?

Material things are to be bought and to be sold.


The Pharos lighthouse may have been quite unique and original,

It burned bright and safely guided men from the sea!

But in day time is served no real useful purpose,

Except to be a site for foreign people to see!


Colossus on Rhodes may have been quite big and mighty,

It represented its people winning a fierce war!

But it fell when the earth shook her bottom,

It was sold for scrap and it exists no more!


But what are these things that I speak?

What is it that makes these wonders so great?

If they are the worlds great seven wonders,

I now claim my son to be number eight!


Because he is a true little wonder,

He’s what I’d call amazing and unique!

He is my true fascination in life,

And knowledge of him is all I really do seek!


My son is my little wonder,

And He is my first-born little boy!

My little boy is my number one person,

My son is my barrel of joy.

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