Irish ‘BEEPING’ Summer


Irish ‘BEEPING’ Summer


Oh what a bummer,

This stupid Irish summer,

Where the ‘BEEP’ is the sun?

Where are all the sun rays?

To heat up these long days!

Fluffy clouds blocking out all the light!

Where‟s the burgers and beers,

Washed away by natures falling tears,

You can‟t have a Barbie under an umbrella!

July is meant to be hot,

Global warming – I think not!

What the „BEEP‟ are they talking about?

I want to chill at the beach,

A nice cold can within my reach,

Instead I have a hot cup of tea!

Sun peeping through the clouds,

Boldly looking on down,

Look up and it quickly disappears!

Getting tired of the rain,

Really wrecking my brain,

And no I don‟t have a leak in my head!

Where the ‘BEEP’ is the sun?

Missing out on summer fun,

By the time the picnic is packed it starts pissing!

I want to enjoy sunny weather,

Party people getting sunburned together,

The sun-cream gathers dust in the drawer!

Oh what a bummer!

This stupid Irish summer!

Where the ‘BEEP’ is the sun?

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