I’m fed up hearing about on-going wars between different religions!

Religions that are based on there being only one true God!

All the Catholic, Protestants, Muslims and Jews,

Through the centuries they’ve sorted their differences with the sword, gun or bomb!


They all claim to be fighting for their chosen religion!

They say their actions are based on their religious beliefs!

God has blessed them with the power to commit murder!

God gave them the right to become human life thieves!


What God wants men to murder women and children?

What God wants innocent families lives to be torn apart?

What God wants His people destroying each other?

If there is a God he must look at us with an ache in his heart!


He must look down with a frown as we murder each other!

He must cry as we spill blood and guts in his name!

He must be regretting putting us little men on his favourite planet!

If he created us, he must be hanging his head in shame!


Ashamed of himself for creating a species that’s so devious!

A species that knows the difference between right and wrong!

A species that is capable of caring and loving!

But a species that constantly chooses to go to war!


Ashamed of the way we’re destroying his planet!

Ashamed of us like a mother is ashamed of her thieving child!

Ashamed of the way she brought her child up!

The same thoughts must be going through our God’s mind!


He didn’t give life to us so that we could take lives!

He didn’t raise us so that we could knock others down!

He didn’t give us this tiny planet to destroy it!

Our poor God, he must be wearing a big frown!


He must be fed up hearing about ongoing wars between human religions!

Religions that are based on there being one true God!

All the Muslims, Jews, Protestants, and Catholics,

They sort their differences with the sword, gun or bomb!


These men who think that God wants them to be killers,

These men who believe that they are doing the right thing,

They read their good books as they inflict pain on others,

But no good book would condone committing a bloody sin!


Those evil men they are killing God’s other precious children!

They are killing their own species for their own evil ideas!

If there is One True God who gave life to man in his image,

He should strike down and make all religions disappear!


For religion is the cause of most of mankind’s bitter battles!

Religion is what divides the human species so apart!

If One True God did give birth to the human species,

It’s time for us to stop being the aching pain in his heart!


It’s time for men to stop hiding their sins behind their religions,

For if a man is a True believer in ‘One True God’,

Well then his belief would lead him to seek peace & happiness,

For survival of mankind is what a True God would want!

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