My Autumn hills,

With your shades of yellow & gold,

You are breezy and you are cold,

But you are beautiful!

More colourful than the rainbow!

Too many colours to even bother try count!

Your cloak of trees,

They shed their leaves.

Trees start to look bare,

Leaves everywhere,

Except for the branches where they were born!

My Autumn hills,

Where is all your green?

Has your beauty perished?

Or are you just changing your expression?

It‟s time to prepare for the Winter.

Get ready for the frost.

The storms will soon pass by,

Then you‟ll replace all the blossoms that were lost!

My Winter hills,

You will again glow with Spring!

Once again,

You shall change your expression!

Once again,

You will change with the times!

My Summer hills,

With your shades of green, green, and more green,,

Your air is crispy and clean,

And you are beautiful!

Your expressions keep changing,

You never look the same,

With every sighting you have a different expression.

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