As I stood at the end of the world,

I looked over the edge,

I looked deep-deep down into space,

I looked so deep into the darkness,

That far-far off in the distance,

I could see myself looking over the edge of the world in another dimension!

Looking at myself from behind,

I couldn’t see if I was happy or sad!

Laughing or crying!

And from such a far distance,

I couldn’t push myself over the edge of the world!

To send him, ‘Me’ into a free fall through his dimension!

Hoping that he’d land in a beautiful peaceful place!

Then maybe some of that beauty and peace would reflect into my dimension!

Maybe then some of my dimensions clouds might disappear!

Like a headache after an Anadin!

As I stood there at the edge of the world looking through space and time,

As I realised that I was looking at myself in another dimension,

With that realisation,

I looked back at myself,

And he looked back at his self,

And his self looked back at himself,

And like a rapid domino effect of mirrors,

All my self‟s looked back at themselves through their different dimensions!

And eventually all the dimensions led back to me!

It was then that I stopped looking at myself from behind!

And it was then that I decided to walk with myself through this dimension!

Now as I walk through this dimension,

And you walk here with me,

Through these words,

I ask you not to think about my different dimensions,

But instead ask yourself,

What dimension do you see yourself in?

Are your dimensions constantly changing?

Or is your world as flat as the earth used to be?

As I look over the edge of the world I ask you,

What’s a Dimension?:


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