Once upon a time,

When man struggled to stay alive,

Adrenaline is what kept him going!

Man ran from lions and tigers,

There was no antidote for bites from snakes or from spiders,

Man wasn‟t, and still isn‟t the only species that can kill!

Modern men, we swim with the sharks,

We „Go-Ape-Shit‟ whenever they attack,

Have they not got the sense to know we don‟t like being eaten!

There are species that have been here for millions of years,

Some have never even seen a human-being,

Many have seen us, then their species quickly became extinct!

Never mind T-Rex and the other dinosaurs,

They were all so many millions of years ago,

What about all the modern day Life us modern day men are killing?

We used to be in the middle of the food chain,

But somehow us intelligent saps have bigger brains,

Bigger brains than even the biggest of the animals!

Ok, well maybe that‟s just another myth,

Maybe our brains really aren‟t the biggest,

But our BIG small minds are certainly destroying this planet!

We can look back a hundred thousand years,

To when we used to live in caves,

Are we going by our modern day clocks!

Adrenaline used to keep us alive,

But now we‟re all so wrapped up in time,

So wrapped up in it we don‟t even notice Life go by!

Crocodiles don‟t wear watches and they‟re still here,

They have been here for millions of years,

Yet we have them nearly driven into extinction!


Before us men even tried cocaine,

We have always been trying to expand our brains,

We have expanded them so much now we need computers to have massive memories!

We have become so sophisticated,

Even the Greeks and the Romans are now so far outdated,

Now we‟re reaching out for friendly aliens that we can somehow fuck up!

Once upon a time,

When man struggled to stay alive,

Adrenalin is what kept him going!

We‟re all too cosy on our ass,

We don‟t even notice time pass,

Where is the adrenalin gone out of Life?

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