Nothing to Prove

(Dedicated to all the children ages 1 day – 120 years old)


Nothing to prove

When a new born becomes part of this world,

He is vulnerable and unable to move!

But right from the time he starts walking,

He will always have something to prove!

As soon as that child says his first word,

There will always be questions asked!

He will constantly be expected to improve himself,

His childhood will be a continuous task!

When he‟s mastered the arts of walking and talking,

It will be time for him to learn how to read!

He‟ll be taught how to add 2 + 2 apples,

And soon after, he‟ll be expected to add them with speed!

As he grows he‟ll have different teachers,

He‟ll have role models and he will have peers!

Through his childhood he will learn about this world,

And sometimes this world will have him in tears!

In time, he will become a teenager,

While in that time there will be many lessons to be learned!

He will learn about family commitment and friendship,

And he will learn that money has to be earned!

He will grow and become a young adult,

His Life‟s teachings will be put to the test!

He will venture out into the real world,

And while out there he can only do his best!

In time he too will become a parent,

And his job shall now be to teach!

His son will look up to his father,

And he will listen as his father does to preach!

He will look for advice and for guidance,

At times he may also rebel!

He will grow the same way as his father,

And like his father he may make some mistakes as well!

When a new born becomes part of this world,

He is vulnerable and unable to move!

But in the eyes of that child‟s loving parents,

That child should have nothing to prove!

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