Built By Myths

Built By Myths


A UFO hovered above a field,

A crop circle was forming below!

Two Leprechauns ran away with their crock of gold,

To the other end of the rainbow I suppose!

A fire breeding dragon swooped down from the sky,

In hot pursuit was a brightly dressed Super Hero!

A man with open arms hung around on a cross,

As a crowd all called out to him “You’re A Weirdo!”

Ghosts and ghouls looked for the exit of a graveyard,

As witches raged by above on their brooms!

Black cats walked across the paths of pedestrians,

In the shadows, their black fur they sensually groomed!

A werewolf sat under the moon with a telescope,

His friend Frankenstein waited for his turn to look up!

A Prince stood standing high on his white stallion,

He checked his watch as he waited for his buttercup!

Stonehenge was surrounded by thousands of people,

Lots of ravers, and loads of druids and witches!

A sacred wall stood over thousands of firm believers,

But the men, they didn’t bring along their bitches!

Thor sat on a cloud looking down on the world,

As Hercules heroically held the world aloft!

Fairies buzzed around like busy bees,

And the man on the moon he silently coughed!

Orion came down from the sky,

He stood beside a big mighty Celtic tiger!

Little Tom Thumb fell from a shelf onto a web,

Along came the Itzy-Bitzy spider!

Once where there was a blank page,

All the myths came and sat down together!

The purpose of the poem that they built,

Was to tell you that we can all live together.

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