My Island


My Island


My island it holds many beautiful treasures,

Treasures „one‟ can‟t own, but can share!

It holds natural beauty and historical monuments,

If one observes there is beauty everywhere!

My island has a billion different stories,

Some are tragic stories about war and horrible death!

Some tell tales of heroes and beautiful maidens,

And the weather reports are always about it being wet!

My island is a gem that sits on the edge of the mighty Atlantic,

For such a small island, in spirit it really is big!

Through the years it has had many cultural invaders,

But the soil of this land still breaths and lives!

My island, it really is something special,

It holds a special place in my heart!

Like all who were born on this island,

We love it because it‟s where our lives did start!

In hard times when it‟s patrons had to leave all this beauty,

When ships took living skeletons off to far distant lands,

While away, if times ever got too tough for the travelling islanders,

They‟d just tell themselves, “Sure things will be grand!”

My name is Jay, and my island is called Ireland!

But to me its name simply is home!

It is home to a nation of proud and friendly people,

But on my island there are no living leprechauns!

My island belongs to all its people,

And to all who now walk on its soil!

My island doesn‟t recognize colour or religion,

My island holds open arms out to all!

Just as I am of the Celtic people,

As some Americans are of the Irish race,

Just as home is where a comfortable heart is,

Any soul can find a home in this place!


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