A Picture For You


A Picture For You


If I was to paint you a picture,

I would paint a pretty picture of the world!

There would loads of lakes, rivers and valleys,

But there would be no egotistical wars!


I would paint different coloured children playing together,

With different coloured parents standing close by!

I would paint a world where my son could live safely,

All the people in my picture would wear big happy smiles!


In my picture there would be no money,

People would be sharing things at no cost!

Communities would help out other communities,

No soul would ever feel like it is lost!


In my picture there would be no Gods or false idols,

But angels would play their harps and sing sweet lullabies!

There would be no pop stars making millions,

But musicians would be feeding people with music and rhymes!


My picture would contain loads of colour,

Blue skies with loads of fluffy white clouds!

There would be no queues of impatient people,

And there would be no angry mobs or violent crowds!


My picture would be centred around a new born baby,

A child that doesn’t yet have a name!

The child would bring innocence to my picture,

My picture of this once in a lifetime life-game!


If I was to paint you a picture,

You would be in the picture that I paint!

You would be standing wearing a halo,

Because in my picture you would be a saint!


You would be the one who made a difference,

You would be the one who leads the way,

You would be the one to bring perspective,

Because you have the power to make change!

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