The King


The King


Majestic Cobra,

So beautiful,

And so dangerous!

So erotic in it’s mating dance,

Himself & herself,

Locked together as they ‘Dirty-Dance’ reptile style!

Dancing to impress the opposite sex,

Dancing to pass on the family genes,

Dancing as instinct intended them to!

Parting company and moving on,

Following natures design,

Doing what snakes do!

Slithering and sliding,

Basking in sunlight,

And hiding in the shadows!




Like a heat seeking missile,

Heading toward its target,

Seeking, Sensing, Seeing!


It bites!

Nature’s potion kicks in!

The King waits for the fast food to slow down,

To come to a stop,

And then The King dines!

Swallowing his food whole,

Absorbing all the good matter and energy,

Fertilizing the earth with the little leftovers!

Living for the kill,

Killing for self survival,

Never for the pleasure!

Venom to catch the dinner,

Collar to ward off an unwanted guest,

Venom to dispose of a naive intruder!

The mighty python will even turn away,

But even Kings can fall in Nature’s weird game,

The cute Mongoose is the King’s rebellious Jester!

Just like all of Nature’s chosen Kings,

Even the King Cobra can become a meal to a potential dinner,

Nature itself is the dominating King!

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