Full Circle

Full Circle


Land of the Native Americans,

Or the ‘Indians’ as they are otherwise known!

Land of the emigrating Europeans,

Once upon a time your future was unknown!

Land that once accepted and discriminated against Paddy,

Land that voted JFK into power!

Land that once imported African hostages,

Barack Obama has given America its finest hour!

Land of many different nationalities,

Land of many accents and skins!

Land of many mixed up emotions,

This is when your journey really begins!

History has almost now turned full circle!

A man the colour of a past slave now sits on the throne!

A tanned leader born in the land of Opportunity,

That has links to a far distant Irish home!

President Obama has almost turned things full circle!

History is so close to being healed!

Mr President I am Irish and I have a request:

Give the Native Americans a prosperous new deal!

America, the land of many cultures,

America, the land of many mistakes,

America, the boiling pot of all nationalities,

Equality for the world is now yours to make, or break!

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