Celtic Tigress

Celtic Tigress

Celtic Tigress


The crowd roars as the Gladiator enters the Arena,

The noise level hits 113 decibels as she enters the ring!

Like the Heroic Maidens that are scattered throughout Irish Folklore,

For this Mighty Maiden Warrior all the Irish do sing!


Like a tiger she is stealthy and cunning,

Prowling around the ring ready to attack!

Defence stance while waiting for the opportunity,

Face to face, not behind the opponents back!


They say the Celtic Tiger is dead and buried,

Recession the headstone over the Dead Tiger’s Grave!

But the dark clouds have been pushed out of the atmosphere,

Chased away by Irish Katie The Brave!


Bronze safely tucked away in her back pocket,

Olde English/Irish wounds closed by Victory on British soil!

Two proud opponents fighting a good fight,

There are no losers, there’s only one step closer to the Gold!


The Tigress takes on her next opponent,

As good a Victory, although this fight not as clean!

But Katie stood proud and graceful against that one,

And with the Silver she evolved from Irish Princess to Queen!


Next battle is to go against her Russian counterpart,

Rocky Balboa in the real living world!

But with the cheers and the songs of Irish Choirs,

The Celtic Tigress will enter the ring and she’ll win!


Third time lucky the beautiful beast is unleashed,

The inter-crowds clap and cheer and they scream!

The Celtic Tigress has reached her pinnacle,

As the dreamy Irish lass chases her childhood dream!


Round 1 is won by her mighty guns,

The Russian wishes she was back home in Russia!

Katie floated like a butterfly and stung like a swarm of bees,

Sofya did a little Mr. Clay dance in her confusion!


Round 2 & 3 the crowd sing ‘Olé-Olé-Olé!

Italia 90 is nothing in COMPARRISON!

As Katie ducks and dives and does her job,

All Irish eyes and worldwide hearts are throbbing!


Round 4 the brave Olympian fights back,

Siberian tigress gives it her ‘ALL’!

Shaken but not stirred like 007,

Focused Katie has raised up from her earlier round fall!


Our ‘HERO’ gets back onto her feet,

Our ‘HERO’ leads our Nation out of depression!

Our ‘HERO’ did what NAMA couldn’t do,

For this day in Eire there was ‘NO RECESSION!’


Our Princess that became the new Queen of Irish Sport,

On this day she has become The FIRST FEMALE KING!

Olé-Olé-Olé like the Irish/Mexican chants of Italia 90,

Today all the loyal Irish subjects again sing!


To end this poem in the words of OUR NATIONS latest role model,

To end this poem with the message that Katie gives;

To end this poem the way a poem is meant to come to and ending;

Chasing dreams is how each life should be lived!


In the words of the GREAT KATIE TAYLOR;

‘Give Thanks, and then you shall receive!’

In the words of only one of her admirers,

Thanks Katie for the feeling us Irish now feel!

This is dedicated to KATIE TAYLOR…


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