Lovers’ Leap

Lovers’ Leap


Once upon a long ago,

In a time when man & woman could be bought & sold,

Two lovers would not be torn apart,

And so this tale shall now be told!


Tunkey & Mizzy were two souls enslaved,

The property of a tyrant called Chardley!

Their master took a liking to his lady slave,

And he decided to get rid of her lover Tunkey!


The bad news got back to the two lovers,

Tunkey was to be sold, sent off to another estate!

The lovers couldn’t live life without each other,

So together they decided to run away!


Men on horseback and dogs came a chasing,

The lovers ran as fast as they could!

Up the steep hills toward their freedom,

The lovers ran hand in hand through the woods!


In the distance they could hear the dogs barking,

Horse hooves violently thumping the ground!

The lovers ran out onto a high cliff top,

They looked down, then they turned back around!


Through the woods came the dogs and the horses,

Hand in hand the lovers did stand!

The evil Chardley sat atop his stallion!

 ‘Come be my woman and I will let your boy live!’


Tunkey released the hand of his lover,

‘Go with him, for I want no harm to come to you!’

Mizzy took his hand and she said to him,

‘I will not, for my body & soul belong only to you!’


Chardley gave one final warning,

‘Come now or I will have the dogs tear you both apart!’

The lovers turned around and looked out at blue sky and blue ocean,

They dashed forward ‘two lovers – hand in hand’!


Off the cliff top the lovers’ leaped together,

Some folk say their bodies never were found!

Some say that the lovers’ are still falling,

Some say their love prevents them from hitting the ground!


And so ends the tale of Tunkey & Mizzy,

But the legend lives on in ‘The Lovers’ Leap’!

So I pass this tale on to all the lovers,

For love is the only true possession Tunkey & Mizzy could keep!

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