With You

With You!


I want to stand under the moonlight with you,

I want to hold your hand looking over Lovers’ Leap,

I want to share a romantic meal with you,

I want your body resting by my side as I sleep!


I want to soak in a hot bubbly tub with you,

I want to whisper in your ear; ‘It’s all going to be okay!’

I want to watch the waves kiss the shore with you,

I want the precious gift of you being in my day!


I want to stand high on my mountains with you,

I want to take you on a guided tour of my land,

I want to watch you for your first time in the cold white snow,

I want to walk through that snow holding your hand!


I want to cuddle up on the sofa watching a film with you,

I want to lie down on the grass gazing up at the stars,

I want to watch and count falling stars as they glow in black sky,

I want to clink cold drinks with you in the world’s Irish Bars!


I want to travel to lots of different places with you,

I want us to see all the great wonders of the world?

I want to eat ice-cream on hot sticky days with you,

I want to watch you as you do a sexy girly’ish twirl!


I want to cook burgers and buns on a Barbie for you,

I want you to allow my hands to massage your body,

I want to pick flowers in the countryside with you,

I want to hear ya Jamaican accent say ‘It’s not yours – It’s Mi-wadi!’


I want to sit down the back of the cinema with you,

I want to look into your eyes before I sleep,

I want to write poems and draw pictures of you,

I want to watch you when you wear that white dress!


I want to wake up in mornings, eyes open, and first sight is you,

I want you to watch me take your cup off the shelf,

I want to see you after a hard day’s work,

I want to watch you as you just are yourself!


I just really want to be with you!

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