Chocolate Skin

When I look at her,

My heart melts,

My soul smiles,

I fall into her eyes,

I land in a warm place,

In a happy place,

Vision of her face,

Perfectly sculpted,

Lips voluptuous,

Her neck line,

Oh so fine,

Shoulders I want to massage,

Oh sweet-sweet Tahj,

Chocolate skin,

Yummy tummy,

Or so I imagine,

After such a brief glimpse,

Pink vest and blue jeans,

Her soft skin in between,

Blink of an eye,

Briefly seen,

Chocolate skin,

Sweet-sweet Tahj,

A lady I must have,

A lady I love,

A lady indeed,

Oh so-so sweet,

Almost impossible to believe,

Like the air that I breathe,

Her presence I need,

To see her smile,

To see her laugh,

To watch her tease,

Tease me with such ease,

A simple stretch,

My heart beats,

Pulse increase,

I just breathe,

I admire,

I desire,

Sweet-sweet Tahj!

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